Joris Falip

PhD, teaching assistant in machine learning

CReSTIC - France

A short bio

I am currently a teaching assistant in artifical intelligence at the CReSTIC laboratory in Reims (France). My work is focused on machine learning and exploratory data analysis, but my research interests include recommendation system, outlier detection, graph analysis and human-centered computing.

Beside teaching classes and my work in the lab, my hobbies range from Japanese swordsmanship and tabletop role-playing games to collecting unicorns plushes and playing guitar (badly).


  • Machine Learning
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Instance-based Learning
  • Exemplar Theory


  • PhD in Artificial Intelligence, 2019

    University of Reims - France

  • M.Sc. computer science and security, 2015

    University of Orléans - France

  • B.Sc. computer science, 2013

    University of Orléans - France

  • Technical Degree computer science, 2012

    Orléans Institute of Technology - France



Machine learning


Talks & Outreach

Nuit des chercheurs 2019

Kickstarting the French week for science communication, La nuit des chercheurs gives the opportunity to anyone to come and discuss …

Pint of Science Reims

The first Pint of Science festival in Reims, with an evening discussing maths and AI.

Explainable structuring and discovery of relevant cases for exploration of high-dimensional data

Data described by numerous features create a challenge for domain experts as it is difficult to manipulate, explore and visualize them. …

Verzy's junior high career day

Career day at Verzy's junior high is an amazing opportunity to talk about my job, research as a whole and my academic background.

What about AI?

An afternoon to discuss AI with 8th grade students. What is it? How can we use it? How's it working and is a robot uprising on the way?



An instance-based visualization and recommendation system for medical data.